Hi! I’m Liz Rodriguez. I began my journey in fitness at just 4 years old when my parents put me in sports. I started running in high school and went on to compete at the collegiate level in distance running. I continued running after college but in my late 20s my inner foundation began to crack. I was in constant pain, I was putting on weight, and working out was no longer fun. I struggled for years trying to put my body back together and it culminated in back surgery at the age of 35. After that I realized that there was no plan for me. There was no rehab, there was no schedule of how to move forward and live my life. I was out of pain, but knew I needed to create a new way of movement and working out that didn’t have me pushing myself so hard. 

Over the years as I struggled with my own pain, I began to work with other clients who endured the same issues. They were tired of workouts hurting them. They were tired of being afraid. And they were exhausted from trying to push their bodies through the newest fad workout for a few weeks or months to end up back at square one. 

I began tinkering with movements. I expanded my education and sought out different tools. I started to base my workouts around the individual and not the equipment or even the time frame of 60 minutes. I threw out the rule book and instead wrote my own novel.

I relished in watching people enjoy the movements, not wince as they struggled through the same exercises we were all taught will “get you there”. I felt inspired and rejuvenated every time my clients not only saw the results but felt better about themselves and more confident in their workouts. 

I left commercial fitness for good back in 2021 so that I could dedicate more time working with clients and creating tools to reach more people.  The programs I offer are a result of everything I have learned and what has worked for countless clients.

My name is Liz Rodriguez. I am a fitness expert who specializes in working with individuals who are tired of the traditional route of no pain no gain and who have goals of accomplishing more than just moving the number down on the scale.


  • MBA Leadership and Change Management
  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Wellcoaches Certified Health and Well-Being Coach
  • Bachelors of Science Exercise Science
  • Bachelors of Arts Public Relations
  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Power Pilates Full Studio Certified Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1
  • Functional Range Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Movement Systems Certified Level 1

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